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Nagpur, Amaravati, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Batching Systems


PLC Based System

By definition Automatic Batching System provides pre-programmed feeding, weighing & discharging of 2 or more materials in sequence, for formulation of product. Before this, automation industries used to weigh manually on weighing scales and dumped material into the mixer. This method used to take more time, was less accurate, required more man power, gave inconsistent quality, no management information was available & increased the batching time which resulted in poor production. To avoid this most of the industries are modernizing their plants for better productivity.

PLC based batching & weighing system is highly advanced as compared to MBC V.  The batching operation is similar but does not have limited interlocks. The PLC based batching & weighing system can also include many feedbacks & interlocks to make the entire process fully automized. The process can be modified on site depending on user requirements. The plc based system provides high degree of flexibility because the program and hence the plant functions can be easily changed.
Salient Features :
• Incorporating a PLC will make the system highly flexible, robust, easily expandable with very low chances of failure.
• Auto taring after every batch.
• Auto/ Manual operating facility.
• Bypass facility to bypass any ingredients.
• With smart software the system or process is guarded from mechanical, electrical & material handling problems.
• With HMI interface the system provides 4 different programmable recipes & shift & day reports.
• With SCADA interface the system provides
     • 999 Programmable recipes.
     • Database of all consumption records
        • Shift Report
        • Day Report
        • Month Report
• Plant animated mimic on PC to give a replica of the batching section.
• Easy control of the system from SCADA.
• Alarm history for monitoring all historical faults.
• Programmable material names for easy operation.